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Die Anfänge von Hotel Burg Sternberg: Gasthaus 'Zur Linde'

The beginnings of Hotel Burg Sternberg: Gasthaus 'Zur Linde' The development of today's Hotel Zur Burg Sternberg began a good 110 years ago.

What began in 1909 as a residential house with guest rooms is now a 3-star hotel with the addition of Superior, which, with its almost 100 beds in modern comfort rooms, meets even the highest expectations and is one of the top hotels in Lippe's gastronomy.

Das Gründerehepaar: Ernst und Hermine Höcker

When the founders and great-grandparents Ernst and Hermine Höcker opened the restaurant "Zur Linde" on 1 October 1909, they wanted to create another offer for the guests passing through. "Hermine should earn something on the side." Ernst Höcker earned his money as a master builder, the inn was only a sideline.

Ernst Höcker died in 1929 and his active wife Hermine continued to run the inn alone. In the same way, her daughter, who had the same first name, was committed to the well-being of the guests.

Das erste kleine Jubiläum

Many older Extertal residents will still remember the lively landlady, affectionately known as "Herminchen". With her warmth and friendliness, she was the heart and soul of the house for a good 40 years from 1930 to 1970 and was known far beyond the borders of Extertal.

In 1947, a hall was built. In 1948, toilets were installed.

After the Second World War, the house was used as a home for children. This and the fact that many summer guests were attracted to the idyllic Extertal valley at the beginning of the 1950s provided the impetus for the extension to a guesthouse, which took place in 1955.

Hotel Burg Sternberg in der 60er Jahren

In 1959 the east wing was built, in 1961 the hall was extended, in 1962 the south wing was built, in 1968 the dining room and beer hall were built, and in 1976/77 the indoor swimming pool and new guest rooms were built.

One guarantee for the upswing was a contract with the German Red Cross, which ensured a permanent 50% occupancy rate from 1965 to 1982. In 1960, the hotel was renamed Zur Burg Sternberg (Sternberg Castle) because of its direct proximity to Sternberg Castle, today known as "Musikburg Sternberg".


Hotel Burg Sternberg im Winter: kurze Wege zum Skilift

Hotel Burg Sternberg im Winter: kurze Wege zum Skilift

Jürgen Richard, who took over the business in 1973, quickly realised that a good mix of guesthouse operation and day tourism promised the most success. The offer was expanded accordingly: Idyllic hiking trails, carriage and covered wagon rides, winter sports facilities with ski and sledge lifts and much more. As a seminar and conference hotel, companies and organisations from all over Germany appreciate Hotel Zur Burg Sternberg. In mid-2014, Jürgen Richard changed the name of Hotel Zur Burg Sternberg to GmbH & Co. KG. At the end of 2015, he passed away after a long illness.

Since 2015, the hotel has been owned and managed by the fourth generation of the family, Michael Richard, who grew up in the hotel together with his sister Sabine, as managing director of the Hotel Zur Burg Sternberg GmbH & Co. KG.

Mitarbeiter 3S

In January 2018, the hotel was classified for the first time as a 3-star superior hotel by the DEHOGA. Superior stands for a very good, upscale and contemporary hotel with a significant increase in service. The certificate was handed over to the hotel and its staff during a small ceremony.









With the founding of the Sternberg Academy in 2019, a new pillar and offer was created.

Seminar organisers can book the rooms of the academy in the hotel as well as the conference offers and arrangements to hold their seminars.

In addition, seminars are offered in cooperation between the lecturers and the Sternberg Academy.

In 2020, in the wake of the Corona Pandemic, the hotel's extensive outdoor areas were brought to life as a Sternberg nature and leisure experience. A meadow labyrinth, a football golf area and a downhill course on the old ski lift slope round off the offer.


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